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Regular dental visits are a wonderful way for Dr. Luff and her Team to not only help maintain the health of your teeth, but also look for any developments that may lead to issues in the future. Along with preventative dentistry, Dr. Luff offers restorative and cosmetic dentistry to keep your family’s teeth beautiful.

We hope you enjoy our Blog articles, as we believe educating our patients on oral care and dental health is important.

How is Botox used in Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

How is Botox used in Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments? Botox is the #1 cosmetic treatment worldwide — and for good reason. It’s safe, quick, minimally invasive, and delivers amazing results. One 15-minute session can take years off your face. The best…
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Dental Insurance Benefits: Use It OR Lose It!!

Dental Insurance Benefits are Running Out Soon! Use Your Benefits Now. Did you know you can save possibly thousands of dollars by using your dental insurance benefits before the end of the year? Deductibles are often met, annual maximums won’t…
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Dental Health and Asthma … Is there a Connection?

Most people don’t realize that there’s a connection between dental health and asthma? That’s why we want to take a deeper dive into this topic … Asthma is described as an inflammatory disease of the lower respiratory tract. It can…
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Smile Confidently by Treating Your Tooth Gap

Teeth Gap Filler And Treatment Tooth Gap Causes and Treatment Options Available to Lee’s Summit MO Area Dental Patients A common cosmetic issue frequently seen at our Lee’s Summit MO dental practice is that of gaping teeth. Dental patients may…
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