A head, neck and oral cancer screening is an essential part of your dental examination and may save your life. Oral Cancer accounts for approximately 4% of all cancers and men are twice as likely to be diagnosed as women. Oral cancer screenings (OCS) should be done at every dental examination.

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What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

  • Your dentist will feel your neck, underneath your jaw, and the base of your skull.
  • In your mouth, your dentist will examine your tongue, lips, gingiva, palate, throat, and cheeks.

These an oral cancer screening allows for your dentist to catch any areas of concern as quickly as possible. The good news is that an OCS will not cost you any money, it is part of your routine exam which is usually covered by insurance.

So, what are the risk factors for head, neck and oral cancer?

  • Alcohol and tobacco users
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV), particularly HPV 16.
  • Age
  • Sun exposure
  • Diet

What should you look for?

  • Any lesion that does not resolve in two weeks
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • Difficulty moving the jaw or tongue
  • Hoarseness
  • Unexplained numbness of the tongue or other areas

If you have any of these signs or symptoms it is important that you see your dentist or physician immediately.

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