Think you can’t enjoy any candy this Halloween? We may think we’re facing an oral health challenge, but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case! Halloween only comes once a year and is all about fun, costumes, and sweet treats. It’s perfectly okay for you and your kiddos to enjoy a few pieces of candy on this special day.

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The key is moderation, planning, and keeping your oral health in mind. Not sure how to accomplish this? We’re here with our favorite tips and tricks for a successful and teeth-safe Halloween 2020!

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Halloween Oral Health Challenge: Our top 5 Tricks for your Treats

  1. Chocolate is the Best Bet: As we mentioned earlier, sticky sweet treats can cause the most damage to your teeth. Dental experts recommend chocolate for a sweet treat. “Chocolate is one of the better candies because it washes off your teeth easier than other types of candy,” Dr. Ferraz- Dougherty says from “Dark chocolate also has less sugar than milk chocolate.”
  2. Timing Helps: Did you know that your mouth produces more saliva around mealtimes? Saliva is super helpful in washing away bacteria in your mouth, so planning on eating a sweet treat around a mealtime helps wash away bacteria even more. Don’t snack on candy throughout the day but indulge in a sweet treat after a meal instead. The longer the sugar is in your mouth, the longer is can cause decay.
  3. Brush Away the Sugar: Whatever amount of sugar you or your child consumes, it’s extremely important to brush and floss after sweet treats. A brand-new toothbrush and floss as a Halloween gift are a great way to get your children excited about brushing their teeth after candy. Candy can easily get stuck in-between teeth and cause tooth decay, cavities, and other oral health problems. Young children may need help with these steps.
  4. Candy Plan: Don’t go overboard with Halloween candy – create a plan ahead of time so you can have a plan surrounding all that candy coming in. Maybe you set the limit of houses you visit or fill a smaller bag. You can also have your kids parcel out candy as “trade ins” for other, non-sugary rewards (a toy, sticker, tv time, etc.). Whatever you feel comfortable with, it’s so helpful to create rules and a plan before the Trick-or-Treating begins, so everyone knows their expectations and can enjoy the day! This is also the perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of limiting sugary treats and oral health.
  5. Avoid Super Sticky Sweets: Sticky candies, like gummies, caramels, taffys, etc., stick to your teeth more than soft candies, like chocolate. They are much harder to brush away and should be avoided.

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Have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at Luff Dental!

We’re here to help you overcome your Halloween oral health challenge and any other dental challenges you or your family may be experiencing.

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