Are You Ready for a Smile Makeover?


Are you unhappy with your smile?

You’ve tried bleaching and your teeth just aren’t as white as you want them to be. Maybe you have had braces, but you are still unhappy with the shape of your teeth. Or you’ve ground down your teeth by grinding and acid erosion. No matter what the cause, if you are unhappy with the look of your teeth and smile it can affect your day-to-day life more than you think.

A Smile Makeover Creates a Beautiful Smile

The good news, is there are ways to fix these problems. A smile makeover can mean many different things. It can be as minimal as some veneers to brighten your smile or it could mean working on every tooth to build them back up and create a functional and beautiful smile.

Schedule Your Smile Consultation with Dr. Luff

Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?  Start with making an appointment to see your dentist.  Go into your appointment having an idea of what you would like your smile to look like. For some people that is simply straightening your teeth, for others it is changing the shape and color of your teeth. Have in mind prior to your appointment the changes you would like and bringing pictures can help you get the best end result.

Your dentist will talk with you about any dental concerns they have with your teeth and then the treatment that would be needed to get you your ideal result. Smile makeovers can seem overwhelming, but having good communication with your dentist as well as a good description of what you want your teeth to look like can give you the opportunity for amazing results.

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Dr. Luff Can Help Create the Smile of Your Dreams

Whether you’d like a brighter whiter smile, need a tooth replacement, or want veneers … Dr. Luff can customize your smile makeover to help create the smile of your dreams!

Work with Dr. Luff and her team to find the most effective solution for your smile! We are always accepting new patients in the Lee’s Summit, MO and surrounding area who are ready to improve the health of their teeth, their confidence and smile! Please call Luff Dental at (816) 875-3391 to schedule your appointment.